Are you looking for digital support near you?

Or maybe you just need somewhere to connect to the internet? On this website you can find free digital support sessions and places to get online – use the map and the list below to find what you need.

Internet access locations and digital support sessions in Brighton & Hove

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As well as using the map above, you can find details of internet access locations, digital skills sessions and courses, grouped by area, in the list below. Contact the venue or course provider to check dates and details.
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Cartoon image with the slogan 'Explore more online'. This slogan is written on a picture of an iPad or tablet screen, with various icons surrounding it that indicate the uses of the tablet such as messaging, shopping and searching online.

Brighton & Hove has free outdoor wi-fi at a range of locations across the city centre. The new ‘BrightonHovefreewifi’ outdoor network covers the busiest areas for tourism, shopping and leisure, providing free wi-fi for local residents, hundreds of businesses and the 11.5 million people who visit the city each year.

Free wi-fi is also available on Brighton & Hove Buses. Simply login to the ‘go-brighton’ wi-fi connection and confirm you accept the terms and conditions.

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